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April 3, 2015
Union workers vote to end strike

CANNONSBURG Local union workers voted on Friday to end a two-month-old strike and return to work at the Catlettsburg Refinery.

The vote was 226-153 in favor of the proposal from Marathon Petroleum, according to union negotiator Dave Martin.

The union will start the process of returning to work Monday and take over the operations a week from today, he said.

The United Steelworkers went on strike on Feb. 1, with the local Marathon Petroleum refinery among the first union called to stop work.

The USW reached a tentative four-year contract with Shell Oil Co., the lead negotiator for the oil industry, several weeks ago in Houston but the local union issues weren’t at that time.

The previous contract, which covered 30,000 refinery workers nationwide, expired at the end of January. It was the largest strike the industry has seen since 1980 and included 6,500 workers at 15 facilities.

Union local negotiator Martin said the strike affected 429 local union workers.

Many of the workers had to dip into savings to pay the bills after being without a paycheck for almost two months.

Safety was among the primary concerns of the local union, local negotiator Dave Martin said, specifically pointing to heavy workloads leading to on-the-job fatigue and the consolidation of several jobs that could compromise the focus of certain tasks.



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