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Latest News - July 2012

July 5, 2012
Palermo union vote to include laid off and replacement workers
Source: The Business Journal
By: Sean Ryan

A union election for Palermo Villa's workers will be held within a month.

Workers Palermo Villa Inc. fired in June, and those hired to replace them, can vote in an upcoming union election under a decision this week by the National Labor Relations Board.

The latest decision comes in the ongoing dispute between Milwaukee-based Palermo and the Palermo Workers Union, which is seeking to unionize the company’s work force.

The union and company in early June had agreed to a July 6 election that would include Palermo workers on the payroll as of June 2. But on June 8, the company laid off 75 workers and hired 82 replacements. After the July 6 election was cancelled, there was a question of whether the 75 laid off workers and 82 new hires could both vote in the election.

The NLRB’s regional office in Milwaukee decided they all can vote. The decision is to avoid cutting any workers out of the election, who may be eligible to participate, said Irv Gottschalk, NLRB regional director in Milwaukee.

Even though the workers all will be allowed to vote, either the union or Palermo can challenge their voter eligibility on the day of the election. After the election, the NLRB will decide whether the challenged votes should be included in the final tally.

“I would expect it would be a large number of challenges,” Gottschalk said.

Palermo and the union will set the exact election date, but it will be within 30 days of the July 2 decision, Gottschalk said.



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