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Latest News - January 2013

January 29, 2013
Sen. Alexander to NLRB members: Resign
Source: The Washington Times
By: Cheryl K. Chumley

January 29, 2013
After D.C. Circuit ruling, what happens to NLRB decisions and its GC?
Source: The National Law Journal
By: Sue Reisinger

January 28, 2013
University Union Wants Contract Through 2023 To Avoid Right-to-Work Law
Source: Michigan Capitol Confidential
By: Tom Gantert

January 27, 2013
Troubles run deep for key labor union in D.C.
Source: Luke Roziak
By: The Washington Times

January 23, 2013
Hilda Solis: Organized labor's humble servant
Source: The Daily Caller
By: Rick Berman

January 23, 2013
Union membership falls to 70-year low
By: David Shepardson

January 22, 2013
NLRB Report Shows Need For Decreased Funding, Undercuts Call For "Ambush" Elections
Source: Workforce Fairness Institute
By: Fred Wszolek

January 17, 2013
CVS, UFCW agree to union vote in California
Source: Drug Store News
By: Antoinette Alexander

January 17, 2013
Obama Recess Appointment Ruling Coming Soon
Court could overturn decisions made by board members if appointments found illegitimate

Source: The Washington Free Beacon
By: Bill McMorris

January 17, 2013
Partisanship perverts the NLRB
Source: The Hill
By: Trey Kovacs

January 17, 2013
Losing the policy debate, unions resorting to violence
By: Lowman S. Henry

January 16, 2013
As manufacturing bounces back from recession, unions are left behind
Source: The Washington Post
By: Jim Tankersley

January 16, 2013
School Bus Strike in New York City Enters 2nd Day
Source: ABC News
By: Karen Matthews

January 16, 2013
Bloomberg on school bus strike: NYC had no choice
By: Reuters

January 15, 2013
American Airlines agents narrowly reject union bid
Source: AP
By: David Koeing

January 14, 2013
UNFI Comments on Teamsters Local 117 Union Situation
Source: PRN Newswire

January 14, 2013
Union: NYC School Bus Strike to Start Wednesday
Source: Associated Press
By: Verena Dobnik

January 10, 2013
Will the Courts Look the Other Way & Permit Recess Appointments That Are Invalid under the Constitution?
Source: National Review Online
By: Peter Schaumber

January 10, 2013
Get ready: Feds set up a new hurdle to fighting union efforts
By: Tim Gould

January 10, 2013
Labor union bosses' salaries put 'big' in Big Labor
Source: The Washington Times
By: Luke Rosiak

January 9, 2013
Labor secretary resigns 'to begin a new future'
Source: CNN
By: Gloria Borger and Kevin Bohn

January 7, 2013
Indictments announced in South Bay school districts public corruption case

January 5, 2013
UFCW proves Right-to-Work is better for employees
By: John Hull

January 5, 2013
Picketing of local grocer ends, but how UFCW Local 367 measures success is unclear
By: Kathleen Cooper

January 4, 2013
Berman: 2012 was not a banner year for Big Labor
Source: The Detroit News
By: Richard Berman

January 3, 2013
A New Year's resolution for labor
Source: Daily Caller
By: Dan Bowling

January 3, 2013
UFCW plans appeal in Weyburn Wal-Mart case
Source: Leader-Post
By: Will Chabun

January 3, 2013
Health union alliance could threaten larger rival
Source: Leader Post
By: Will Chabun

January 3, 2013
New Jersey Child Care Workers Ratify First Contract
Source: CWA



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