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Latest News - March 2012

March 26, 2012
Company hands out employee names, numbers
By: Jane M. Von Bergen

March 23, 2012
SEIU: The Affordable Care Act - An Appeal to the Repealers
Source: ENews Park Forest

March 25, 2012
Hybrid version of Michigan right-to-work bill explored
Source: The Detroit News
By: Chad Livengood

March 24, 2012
Raley's opens worker hotline on labor talks
Source: The Sacramento Bee
By: Dale Kasler

March 23, 2012
Unions Will Unite to Win Back Congressional Seats
Source: Huffington Post
By: Nick Kaleba

March 23, 2012
SEIU: The Affordable Care Act - An Appeal to the Repealers
Source: ENews Park Forest

March 23, 2012
UAW continues to press southern states to unionize
Source: The Voice, Serving northern Macomb & St. Clair counties
By: Joseph Szczesny

March 22, 2012
BREAKING NEWS: Michigan Senate Stops Home Health Care 'Dues Skim'
Source: Capcon Michigan Capital Confidential
By: Jack Spencer

March 23, 2012
Union chief considers national boycott of Station Casinos
Source: Las Vegas Review Journal
By: Howard Stutz

March 22, 2012
Medical Pot Dispensary Workers in Venice Join Powerful Labor Union
Source: Venice-MarVista Patch
By: Paul Chavez

March 20, 2012
‘Right to Work’ Bills Face Uncertain Future in an Election Year
Source: New York Times
By: Monica davey

March 20, 2012
Safeway Workers Protest "Scab" Hiring Sites, Management Attacks on Worker Living Standards
Source: The Sacramento Bee

March 20, 2012
Piggly Wiggly Could Face Labor Charges
Source: Super Market News
By: Jon Springer

March 20, 2012
Does Labor Have Any Real Friends?
Source: Huffington Post
By: David Macaray

March 20, 2012
Occupy Wall Street Plans “General Strike” — But Labor Isn't Coming Along
Source: BuzzFeed
By: Rosie Gray

March 19, 2012
Gov. Snyder to unions: Back off petition drive against right-to-work
Source: Detroit Free Press
By: Paul Egan

March 17, 2012
Coors Is Tasteless, Say Teamsters on St. Patrick's Day Teamsters March in Parade To Raise Awareness Of Distributor's' Shameful Acts
Source: PR Newswire

March 16, 2012
Tenet Reaches Agreement with CNA/NNU on Nurses Contract at Six California Hospitals
Source: ENews Park Forest
By: George O’Brien

March 14, 2012
National union campaign targets Target Zellers employees won't keep jobs
Source: Winnipeg Free Press
By: Melissa Martin

March 13, 2012
AMR Risks Cash Drain as Discord Slows Union Concession Talks
Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek
By: Mary Schlangenstein

March 12, 2012
Phoenix-area bus strike has been 22 months in the making Union and Veolia disagree about the cause of the dispute
Source: The Republic
By: Sean Holstege

March 12, 2012
'Right to work' passes committee by 7-6 vote
Source: StarTribune
By: Jim Ragsdale

March 6, 2012
Moose Jaw EMS workers won't stop job action
Source: The Regina Leader-Post
By: Adam Miller

March 6, 2012
Bloomberg and unions ramp up their war of words on pension reform; Unions head to Albany for Lobby Day
Source: New York Daily News

March 5, 2012
Chronicling civil-service life for California state workers
Source: The Sacramento Bee

March 5, 2012
‘We will not bend or buckle,’ grocery union says to Safeway, Giant Food
Source: Maryland Community News Online
By: Lindsey Robbins

March 5, 2012
Jackson Health, union seek quicker decision on contract
Source: The Miami Herald
By: John Dorschner

March 4, 2012
Right-to-work hearing canceled
Source: Post-Tribune, Chicago Sun Times
By: Michelle Quin

March 3, 2012
Unions spend in bid to damage Romney
Source: The Hill
By: Kevin Bogardus

March 2, 2012
Workers at R.I. developmental-disabilities service call one-day strike over salary, benefit cuts
Source: Providence Journal
By: Philip Marcelo

March 2, 2012
NLRB Rules Against Danbury Nursing Home
Source: Danbury Patch
By: Fred Musante

March 2, 2012
UAW Chief: Unions Seek Mich. ‘Right-To-Work’ Ban
Source: CBS Detroit

March 2, 2012
AFSCME Launches "No Quinn Cuts" Campaign to Protect Public Services and Jobs

March 1, 2012
Enzi Resolution needed to stop Obama's NLRB
Source: FoxNews
By: Phil Kerpen

March 1, 2012
NLRB appointments at issue in Brooklyn labor case
Source: Thomas Rueters
By: Jessica Dye

March 1, 2012
Major International Union Endorses President Obama for Re-Election--the Second Time
Source: PR Web



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