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Latest News - February 2011

February 28, 2011
Bloomberg: Union ties need work
Source: Politico
By: Jennifer Epstein

February 28, 2011
TRC Falls After Reaching Deal With Union That Dilutes Equity
Source: Bloomberg
By: Mark Clothier

February 27, 2011
Union bargaining just a dream for many government workers
Source: Washington Post
By: Emily Wagster Pettus and Erik Schelzig

February 27, 2011
Ohio readies union bill vote, Indiana delay continues
Source: Reuters
By: Mark Wisniewski

February 26, 2011
Spanish unions threaten Easter airport strike
Source: Bloomberg Businessweek
By: Harold Heckle

February 26, 2011
Union files complaint against UI over negotiations
Source: The News-Gazette
By: Paul Wood

February 25, 2011
Obama’s Promised March With Union Workers Fails to Materialize
Source: Fox News
By: Eve Zibel

February 25, 2011
Good news for employers in social networking rule
Source: HR Morning
By: Tim Gould

February 24, 2011
NFL, Union Have ‘Strong Difference’ As talks adjourn, Mediator Cohen Says
Source: Bloomberg
By: Curtis Eichelberger

February 23, 2011
Tea party leaders back Walker in union battle
Source: Washington Times
By: Josh Brown

February 23, 2011
Wisconsin is only part of the GOP war against unions
Source: Washington Post
By: Harold Meyerson

February 21, 2011
FDNY union blames fatal fire on staff shortage
Source: The Wall Street Journal
By: Associated Press

February 18, 2011
Union Showdowns Spread Across the Country
Source: CBS News
By: Jim Axelrod

February 18, 2011
Republican Budget Proposal Would Shut Labor Board, Chairman Says
Source: Bloomberg
By: Holly Rosenkrantz

February 17, 2011
Police hand-cuff Capitol protester
Source: Fox11 News Online
By: Associated Press

February 16, 2011
Teachers urged to accept changes at summit
Source: Bloomberg
By: Kristen Wyatt

February 15, 2011
Coca-Cola Signs Labor Settlement, Awaits Feds’ Approval
Source: The Atlanta Journal Constitution
By: Jeremiah McWilliams

February 14, 2011
Will Dems look for some union labor for DNC?
Source: Charlotte Observer
By: Kerry Hall Singe

February 14, 2011
Public-Worker Unions Steel for Budget Fights
Source: The Wall Street Journal
By: Melanie Trottman

February 11, 2011
NLRB Hurts Business With Union Agenda
Source: Bloomberg
By: Stephanie Armour and Holly Rosenkrantz

February 10, 2011
New sentences ordered for ex-UAW officials
Source: Bloomberg
By: The Associated Press

February 9, 2011
Labor board flexes muscle, to chagrin of business
Source: The Washington Post
By: Sam Hananel

February 9, 2011
Public-Worker Unions Skip Albany Ad Blitz for New Tactics
Source: New York Times
By: Nicholas Confessore

February 8, 2011
Former Union Official Given Prison Term
By: Justo Bautista

February 7, 2011
Company Settles Facebook Firing Case
Source: CNET News
By: Steven Musil

February 5, 2011
Unions Head for Showdown with Senate Over TSA Representation
Source: FoxNews

February 5, 2011
Labor coalition’s tactics on renewable energy projects are criticized
Source: Los Angeles Times
By: Mark Lifsher

February 2, 2011
Giving Workers A Union Choice
Source: Wall Street Journal

February 1, 2011
Top Rated Hospital System, Prime Healthcare Services, Stands Up to Union’s Extortion Campaign
Source: PR Newswire
By: Prime Healthcare Services


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