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Latest News - March 2014

March 31, 2014
Stanford coach questions unionization movement
By: Associated Press

March 29, 2014
Will college athletes unionize? A query for NLRB
By: Tom Raum

March 28, 2014
A History Lesson for the Obama NLRB as it Takes on the NCAA
Source: The Huffington Post
By: Peter Schauman

March 26, 2014
Union Fights to Keep Political cash advantage
Source: Labor Pains

March 26, 2014
School Closures: Wednesday, March 26 (NUT National Strike)
Source: The Northern Echo
By: Barry Nelson

March 24, 2014
Union votes down tentative agreement with TCAPS
By: Sarah Elms

March 24, 2014
Lettuce Picking & Labor Organizing: A Bottom up View of Cesar Chavez's UFW
Source: The Blog
By: Steve Early

March 23, 2014
California hospital strike averted by contract deal
Source: Abc News

March 23, 2014
UC, union reach deal - strike averted at hospitals
Source: SF Gate
By: David Baker

March 16, 2014
Report: California Farmworkers Often Forced to Live in Squalor
Source: The Huffington Post
By: Michelle Chen

March 15, 2014
City and teachers union resuming multiyear contract talks: sources
Source: New York Daily News
By: Jennifer Fermino

March 15, 2014
Union sponsors health care enrollment event in Napa

March 15, 2014
Behavioral Health Resource workers launch 3-day strike
Source: Komo News
By: Komo Staff

March 14, 2014
Montgomery teachers union supports Barclay, Spiegel Also recommends school board incumbents and former PTA leader
Source: The Gazette
By: Lindsay A. Powers

March 13, 2014
Iron Workers Secretary in New Orleans Charged with Embezzlement
Source: NLPC
By: Carol Horowitz

March 13, 2014
Behavioral Health Resources union members plan strike
Source: KBKW
By: Dave Haviland

March 13, 2014
Employee Rights Act empowers workers vs. unions
Source: Las Vegas Review
By: Richard Berman

March 13, 2014
Franklin Regional board president backs bill that targets union dues
Source: Work Place
By: Daveen Rae Kurutz,

March 12, 2014
UAW appeals to keep 'outside groups' out of decision on new union vote at VW plant
Source: Times Free Press
By: Tom Flessner

March 10, 2014
Unions Suffer for Obamacare
Source: Bloomberg
By: Megan McArdle

March 9, 2014
City to start negotiating with unions for health care savings
Source: New York Daily News
By: Corinne Lestch

March 5, 2014
Mayor de Blasio pushes for healthcare savings in exchange for pay raises in contract talks with city unions
Source: Ny Daily News
By: Erin Durkin

March 5, 2014
Unite union cuts funding to Labour by £1.5 million
Source: Telegraph
By: Georgia Graham

March 2, 2014
Mayor, firefighters union plan to announce 'agreement' Monday morning
Source: Chronicle
By: Mike Morris

March 1, 2014
Ed Miliband faces new battle with unions over who runs Labour
Source: Telegraph
By: Tim Ross



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