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Latest News - May 2010

May 3, 2010
Binding Arbitration A Radical Shift
Source: The Truth About EFCA
Author: Admin

May 3, 2010
The NLRA And The Non-Union Employer: It’s Time to Get in Gear
Source: The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
Author: Peter D. Conrad

May 4, 2010
Flight Attendants Sue Republic Airways
Source: Denver Post
Author: Business Brief

May 4, 2010
Oakland Teachers authorize union leaders to call strike
Source: Mercury News
Author: Katy Murphy

May 5, 2010
American Reaches Tentative Deal With Mechanics
Source: Associated Press
Author: David Koenig

May 5, 2010
Union Charges Dismissed Against Kitsap Mental Health Services
Source: Kitsap Sun
Author: Rachel Pritchett

May 6, 2010
Cafeteria Workers Await Labor Board Findings
Source: Atlanticville
Author: Kenny Walter

May 7, 2010
Talking it Over: Knight Takes Pilots Seat for Boeing Negotiation
Source: The Wenatchee World
Author: Wildfred Wood

May 7, 2010
Court Rejects NJ Gov's ban on union donations
Source: Bloomberg Businessweek
Author: Beth DeFalco

May 7, 2010
Temple Nurses Win Strike
Source: Workers World
Author: Betsey Piette

May 8, 2010
New Union Leader Wants Group to be More of a Political Powerhouse
Source: New York Times
Author: Steven Greenhouse

May 8, 2010
SEIU Chief Henry Vows $4 Million to Organize Bank, Grocery Jobs
Source: Bloomberg Businessweek
Author: Holly Rosenkrantz

May 10, 2010
New Rule boosts Union Hopes at Delta
Source: Atlanta Business News
Author: Kelly Yamanouchi

May 11, 2010
Airlines Mount Challenge To New Rule On Union Organizing
Source: Market Watch
Author: Christopher Hinton

May 11, 2010
Union leader: Workers must gain if autos recover
Source: Google News
Author: Tom Krisher

May 11, 2010
Arizona Aims to Punish Unions, UFCW Says
Source: Courthouse News Service
Author: Jamie Ross

May 12, 2010
UAW Wants to Share in Big 3’s Financial Success
Source: New York Times
Author: Nick Bunkley

May 12, 2010
Gov. Paterson: I’ll take furlough, too, if it gets union leaders on board
Source: New York Daily News
Author: Glenn Blain


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