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Unfair Labor Practice Charges (ULPs)
Actual Charges filed by union members against a union


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Union Constitution
International rules and regulations


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Union Bylaws
Rules of Operation for local chapters


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Union Strike Report
Summary of Union strike history


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Basic Guide to Labor Relations Act
Distributed to supervisors for ACT training when there is an upcoming election. English and/or Spanish


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Collective Bargaining Agreements
Sample Agreements resulting from past negotiations with union organizers


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Organizing Trends by Industry
Statistical analysis of current industry trends in organizing


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Area Selection Analysis
Report of Union Activity within a defined area


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Area Selection Comparison Analysis
Report union activity for multiple locations of the same company to analyze the intensity of union activity


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Union Pension and Welfare Plan Summaries (Form 5500)
Assessment of union benefits programs


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F7 Renewing Contract Expiration Notices
A comprehensive list of one or more union contract expiration notices


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Union Financial Reports (DOL LM Filings)
Financial summary for one or more unions


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Petition Election Activity Reports
Election activity searchable by union company location, bargaining unit size, etc. Union reps


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Union Awareness Program
PTI Labor Research has been obtaining and analyzing union activity and petitions for over 20 years. We have the largest and most extensive research data in the country which has been utilized by thousands of companies, labor lawyers and consultants.


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